An Easy and Effective Way to Clean Your Teeth!

If you haven’t heard about water flossing yet, you will.
I am convinced that it is the single most important aid
in keeping your gums healthy. It’s giving flossing a run for it’s money!

1. It Reduces the Periodontal(Gum) Infection: One of the primary benefits of the Water Flosser is that the pulsating action actually expels the bacteria from the pocket.

2. It Reduces the Inflammation: Studies have shown that people who add the Water Flosser to daily homecare, have less bleeding than people who do not use it.

3. It Helps People with Diabetes: People with diabetes tend to be at greater risk of gum disease and often have more severe gingival inflammation therefore, it is a great adjunct.

4. It is Safe and Gentle Around Implants: Maintenance of implants is critical to their long-term survival. The addition of diluted chlorhexidine in your Water Flosser can aid even more.

5. There is Nothing Better for Cleaning Around Orthodontic Appliances: I can attest to that! Studies show that the Water Flosser reduced bleeding over 50% more than toothbrushing alone.

6. It Gets Deeper into the Pocket than Dental Floss: For people with periodontal disease and deep pockets, it can penetrate up to 7mm as opposed to about 3mm with dental floss.

7. It Removes Plaque: Studies from the University of Southern California Center for Biofilms found that a three-second application of water flossing with the classic jet tip at medium pressure removed over 90% of the plaque.

8. It’s Easy to Use: Using the Water Flosser is easier than dental floss because it requires less manual dexterity. It takes about a minute to rinse the entire mouth. I personally use mine over the sink with a small amount of mouth wash. Another method is to use it in the shower. Just be careful it doesn’t spray all over.

9. It is a Clinically Proven Alternative to Dental Floss: Many of you have trouble with dental floss. If you do, this is a great and easy way to improve your dental health.

10. It is Evidenced Based: The use of the Water Flosser as an effective alternative to dental floss is a new concept that has been consistently demonstrated in three separate studies

-Taken from RDH Magazine-


About Dr. David Cutts, DDS

Hello! I am a dentist who helps mature adults who have complex dental problems. I have 25 years of experience and advanced training to enable me to dramatically improve my patients' appearance, dental health and their ability to chew naturally. I listen carefully to the wants and needs of my patients and enjoy the results and happiness they receive with their smiles!
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