Our most hilarious and adventurous success story yet!!!


In 30 years of dentistry, I thought I had heard everything until Mrs. B.D, age 63, came in last Friday afternoon. I’ll let her tell the story because, well, you just can’t make this kind of stuff up!

“As soon as I woke-up and realized what I had done I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it !  I knew my denture was gone for good, but the next problem was what to tell Dr. Cutts that he would believe. My husband and I thought up several “stories”, like “I put it in a napkin in a restaurant”, but they all sounded like, “my dog ate my homework!” and we knew he would know something was up. So we told him the truth, which was that we were in Reno earlier that week celebrating the arrival of our latest grandchild. Well, I don’t normally drink that much, but that night things got a little too fun (I think I was dancing on a table at one point-which is pretty good for a 63 yr-old grandma!)Image

So anyway I got to feeling queasy and next thing you know I was off-loading the alcohol in a hurry! In the toilet!          When I woke-up, my upper denture was gone! My first thought was, “I’m 285 miles from Dr. Cutts office and I won’t be back home for three days.”  And I had to be back to work as a manager of the P______ casino two days after that! There’s NO WAY to make a denture in TWO DAYS- IS THERE? Please God, I thought, answer this prayer!

Well, He did. I got back that Friday afternoon and Dr. Cutts made the first mold and worked on it over the weekend. Then a saint named Christine, who is Dr. Cutts special denture-maker started with me first thing Monday morning. She has made dentures for 50 years and it was impressive to watch a real pro make a personalized denture just for me. And in one day, because I came back the next day and picked it up on the way to work. None of my friends or employees ever found-out about the “adventure” as my husband and I call it now!!!

Thanks to Dr Cutts and Christine for this Denture-Miracle!!”

-Mrs. B.D.


About Dr. David Cutts, DDS

Hello! I am a dentist who helps mature adults who have complex dental problems. I have 25 years of experience and advanced training to enable me to dramatically improve my patients' appearance, dental health and their ability to chew naturally. I listen carefully to the wants and needs of my patients and enjoy the results and happiness they receive with their smiles!
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