Success Story of The Week!

Demie and Corbin

“I have been in the service industry for over 20 years and always seek out excellent service; I don’t get that at Dr. Cutts, I get superior service every time.

I have had the pleasure of having him as a dentist for over 22 years. I drive 2 hours out of my way (each direction) to come see him. I tried to go to a local dentist who tried to get me to pay $1200 for my sons teeth. Dr. Cutts just had us do a cleaning and said the other work was not needed. When I come here I know I can fully trust him and he always gives me multiple options for solutions – he is most interested in service, not making money.

I love that he is a private practice/family business and his beautiful girls work with him as well. Trust me, ignore the negative reviews – you can’t make everyone happy all the time and let’s be honest, some people are just unhappy, grumpy people and don’t have anything nice to say about anything! This office is always friendly and warm, kind considerate people work here” M.T


About Dr. David Cutts, DDS

Hello! I am a dentist who helps mature adults who have complex dental problems. I have 25 years of experience and advanced training to enable me to dramatically improve my patients' appearance, dental health and their ability to chew naturally. I listen carefully to the wants and needs of my patients and enjoy the results and happiness they receive with their smiles!
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